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Is Low Redundancy Infrastructure Right for You?

Data Center Knowledge’s recent article, As Tenants Get Smarter About Data Center Availability, They Want More Options, discusses how companies can save money by reducing infrastructure redundancy. This concept has been a topic of conversation ever since.

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Preventing Data Loss with RAID

The concepts of scalability and redundancy go hand-in-hand. Building an environment that is capable of scaling out offers the ability to fine-tune how much failure you can withstand. There are a dizzying approaches to redundancy—power, network, storage, server, data, backup and replication, disaster recovery, load balancing, site redundancy—but for today we're going to hit the basics of one of the most fundamental: storage. More specifically, RAID—a Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

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What Is A Dedicated Server?

In a previous post, we answered “What is a cloud server?

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Increase Uptime in Your Data Center Network

As networkers, we’re constantly thinking about redundancy and uptime. We’re taught that multiple links and devices means resiliency, which can be true, but complexity in the network can be equally complex to troubleshoot when things go wrong.

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