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Bitten by Auto-Correct? Yes!

Earlier today, we had an auto-correct failure in an invitation to our upcoming Data Center Efficiency Talk & Tour event. 

For those of you who received this communication, you're probably wondering about "data cheese tee efficiency." Don't worry. We're wondering about that, too.

Naturally, we went straight to Google to see what we could find. However, despite there being "About 543,000 results" returned in (0.95 seconds) for this phrase, the search didn't shed much light, either. 

However, from all stupidity comes creativity (or something like that)…so we designed special "data cheese” t-shirts for all of you who register for and attend the Novermber 13th event:


Once you register, we'll verify your shirt size so we're certain to have yours ready and waiting.

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th!

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VM Uptime Contest

uptime contest You know you want to win $100 to Amazon.

Uptime is the opposite of downtime: 

uptime google search results Thanks, Wikipedia

Now that we’ve stated the obvious, let’s get down (up?) to it.

Uptime is something that every organization strives to maintain. Whether it’s an internal or external application, quality of service delivery is huge.

To celebrate uptime, we’re going to have some fun.

Take a screenshot of your vSphere or System Center (or whatever) showing the uptime of your longest-running virtual machine (VM) and the current date/time:


uptime screenshot 111 days on Windows

Tweet @servercentral with the hashtag #uptimeSC:

uptime contest twitter @sysdotblog has the right idea

The person with the longest uptime wins $100 to Amazon.com. 

amazon gift card Use it to buy more uptime

Enter by midnight (CST) on Halloween.


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High Availability Webinar Followup Questions

There were some great follow-up questions to my webinar on high availability infrastructure, two of which I want to write about today.

If I'm looking to add cloud capacity for resiliency and reliability, what should I look for in a provider?

Look for:

  • Their level of comfort with your technical stack and requirements
  • Level of experience with companies like yours
  • A consultative approach to understanding your applications, current infrastructure, operational model, and security requirements
  • The ability to implement your desired mix of public cloud and dedicated infrastructure
  • A high-availability network to connect your multi-site resources (if appropriate)
  • A track record of reliable operation
  • Willingness to share information about the process they use for design and change management at every level, from infrastructure and managed services to cloud product lines

You mentioned several technologies for adding redundancy and load balancing to web and app servers. What about database servers?

Most database systems require you to use their internal technology for load balancing, but Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL Server all support most of the common high-availability implementations; usually, master/master, and read replicas.

MS SQL Server is most often implemented via shared storage, which is riskier if the underlying storage becomes corrupt. As another option for MS SQL, PCTI has a database load balancer that is transaction-aware and can keep multiple server or clusters in sync, locally or remotely.

To get more transactions per second than the classic database architectures can support, clustering is of limited use at a certain point, and it may be worth looking at Clustrix, MemSQL, NuoDB, and other "NewSQL" systems, many of which are transactionally safe (ACID compliant). Most of them require large amounts of RAM or SSD and direct, high-speed network connectivity, or have database size limits, but they can scale to much larger numbers of transactions per second for much less cost than traditional, ACID-compliant systems.

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High Availability Webinar Registration

I’ve received lots of great feedback about my latest white paper, High Availability in Cloud And Dedicated Infrastructure. Given the shift in high availability from a luxury to a necessity, I thought it might be helpful to host a follow-up webinar that addresses your questions, explores different HA architectures, and highlights use cases that have been successful for companies big and small. 

Webinar: High Availability in Cloud And Dedicated Infrastructure
Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM CST
Host: Avi Freedman, ServerCentral CTO
Register: [closed]
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Happy Birthday, Basecamp!

Ten years ago today, our friends at 37Signals launched Basecamp—the number one project management tool in the world. Today, they renamed their company after it.

Cheers to your success, Basecamp. It's been a happy birthday indeed.

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