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5 Key Questions: Backup as a Service

Whether they’re a stand-alone solution or part of a larger Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery strategy, backups are a critical component of every IT strategy.

At ServerCentral, Backup as a Service (BaaS)/Managed Backup is defined as ServerCentral-operated hardware and software that enable the backup, storage, and in some cases, the recovery of applications and data from a customer premise to one or more of our data centers.

It’s important to have a common understanding of a service so that everyone shares the same expectations. Nothing takes a conversation sideways faster than everyone working with different definitions of the same product.

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Choose Your Cloud Partner Wisely

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking with dozens of technology leaders from startups and early-stage companies. I wanted to learn about the technical challenges they face today and understand what they feel they need to be successful.

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5 Keys for Successful Startup Partnerships

How many times have you started an email, text, or phone call with this statement:

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Making An IT Budget Checklist? Check It Twice!

We are at year end and the holiday season is nipping at our noses. For many of us, it’s budget time. Are you making your infrastructure wish list? If so, do you think you’ll get what you asked for?

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5 Strategies for Implementing High Availability

Even the most robustly architected systems fail from time to time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit your downtime exposure. Here are five automated strategies to help you implement high availability:

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What to Put in Your Support Ticket for The Fastest Response

Once in a blue moon, we get a support request like this:

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Dedicated vs. Cloud Costs

One of the major factors in deciding between cloud and dedicated infrastructure is cost. While hard costs are an obvious contributing factor, soft costs are more subtle and can be difficult to assign a number.

So, how do you justify costs to your CFO?

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Clean Up After Your Cables

Whether you deal with a couple of servers or a full cabinet of gear, organized cabling is important for numerous reasons. Some of you might be saying “no duh” at this point, but bear with me:

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