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vSphere 6.0 Management – What’s Different?

VMware vCenter Server

VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized platform for managing VMware vSphere environments. With the new release of vSphere 6, managing vSphere becomes a whole lot easier.

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2015 Technology Infrastructure Predictions

Each year begins with one of our favorite traditions: prediction season. These technology-trend forecasts are always insightful, helpful, and in some cases, humorous. Here are some of the predictions for 2015 that stood out:

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What Is A Dedicated Server?

In a previous post, we answered “What is a cloud server?

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What Is A Cloud Server?

It's important to know your compute options when you’re looking at hosting an application or website.

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ServerCentral Featured in Radware ERT Report

This morning, our DDoS partner, Radware, introduced their 2014-2015 Global Application and Network Security Report.

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What Are The Right Questions to Ask Your Data Center?

Last week, we noted the upcoming introduction of a series critical questions to ask of your existing or prospective data center partners. We promised to provide you with not just another list of questions - but to provide you the insight needed to be in the best possible position to parse through the answers to achieve your objectives.

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4 Signs That Your Startup Is Ready for Dedicated Infrastructure

Whenever we meet with early-stage companies, we get asked the same question:

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Scalability Part 3: You're Ready for Cloud

In last week’s post, we discussed the advantages that virtualization brings to the table when scaling your environment. Here’s a quick recap:

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Scalability Part 2: Virtualization

It used to be that scaling your infrastructure was a simple matter of buying larger boxes or more boxes, but this brings with it increased cost and complexity. As your server environment grows, it consumes more compute, storage, network, and power. Making the most efficient use of those resources is critical to managing costs, and one of the biggest shakeups in how we use computing resources over the last decade is virtualization.

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What Is Cloud?

There is a lot of confusion these days as to what is really considered "cloud." Although a number of the technologies that make up cloud computing have been around for many years, only in the last few have they been grouped together under the label “cloud.” Still, the two characteristics that these technologies share are:

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