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How DRaaS works to keep your critical applications from going dark

DRaaS is the answer to all those questions you hope to never ask: What if my critical applications are compromised by the next cyber attack? What if my infrastructure gets knocked out in a disaster? What if my business can’t protect itself?

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5 Key Questions: Disaster Recovery as a Service

In previous posts, we highlighted 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Backup as a Service Provider and 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Replication as as Service Provider. In this final post of our BC/DR series, we’ll take a look at the final point on the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery continuum: Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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5 Odd Excuses for Data Center Outages

I Googled "craziest data center outages." The results did not disappoint.

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2015 Technology Infrastructure Predictions

Each year begins with one of our favorite traditions: prediction season. These technology-trend forecasts are always insightful, helpful, and in some cases, humorous. Here are some of the predictions for 2015 that stood out:

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From Backups to Replication to Disaster Recovery: What’s Right For You?

Since 2000, ServerCentral has evaluated countless technologies to identify the best possible solutions and business practices to help our customers and partners address all of the critical elements of their IT infrastructure.

Now more than ever, questions about backup, replication and disaster recovery are top of mind.

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Treat The Cause, Not The Effect

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Despite the business impact, few businesses actually measure how much downtime they rack up in a year.

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Patching Heartbleed

ServerCentral works around-the-clock to help keep our clients secure. Here’s some insight into the time taken to perform a massive, network-wide scan and notify our affected clients:

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Heartbleed Vulnerability Update

Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) has been top of mind, conversation and action for everyone of late. We want to provide you with a detailed update about our work to address this issue.

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Why We Support The Business Resumption Planners Association

At ServerCentral, we love sharing our experience with our customers, our community, and anyone willing to listen. Whether we’re learning from technologists, business strategists, executives, operations managers, or continuity experts, we constantly seek the best knowledge to apply to the data center.

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