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ServerCentral Introduces DDoS Mitigation

Expanded services, developed in partnership with Radware, provide always-on network, server, and application protection against DDoS attacks

May 15, 2014 -- (Chicago, IL) -- ServerCentral, an IT infrastructure solutions provider, today introduced the next generation of its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation Solutions. Developed in partnership with Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions, ServerCentral’s DDoS Mitigation Solutions provide always-on, inline coverage against network, server and application level attacks.

ServerCentral’s DDoS Mitigation Solutions utilize multiple processes and technologies to provide complete protection for:

  • Network Attacks - Large-volume network flood and intrusion attacks
  • Server Attacks - SYN flood and sockstress attacks
  • Application Attacks - Application vulnerability and malware, web attacks including SQL injection
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Attacks - Attacks that directly target SSL handshake transactions are decrypted for real-time traffic inspection

24x7x365 Immediate Coverage

ServerCentral’s DDoS Mitigation Solutions combine best-in-class technology with the company’s unparalleled support. ServerCentral customers who have selected the DDoS Mitigation Service will already have the solutions inline and experts ready to provide immediate support in the event of an attack. Additionally, throughout an attack, traffic is never routed off of the customer’s network - keeping all data onsite.

“We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Radware in support of our network protection services. Adding the Radware portfolio to our existing toolset allows us to bring unparalleled protection and mitigation solutions to our customers, including real-time mitigation and advanced protection against application-layer threats,” said Ron Winward, Director of Network Engineering for ServerCentral. “We have thoroughly evaluated the market and have been working with Radware for the past nine months to integrate their industry leading technology into our existing solutions. We are excited to be collaborating with such a talented organization.”

"ServerCentral has a reputation of integrity and quality in the industry," says Bill Lowry, Radware Director of Cloud Services. "Their technical acumen and attention to detail in researching, testing, and architecting these new offerings is evidence of the hard work and dedication they put into providing a quality solution. ServerCentral’s DDoS Mitigation service will offer an exceptional combination of technology, protection, and support for their customers.”

ServerCentral’s DDoS Mitigation Solutions can be configured to support multiple levels of attack traffic.

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