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Scality Partnership

This morning we are pleased to announce that ServerCentral and Scality are teaming up to provide a next-generation storage platform for media content distribution. This partnership begins with our selection of Scality's next-generation RING Object Storage to further support our content distribution partners with high scalability, high performance, and guaranteed data durability from their origins.

"It was important for us to enable our partners to be able to offload CDNs and do some of the core delivery functions from the origin storage systems. We evaluated five different products and chose Scality for this internally developed content delivery system. Scality was selected because of its robustness during component failure; its connector architecture, enabling flexibility and scalability; its native file system, which simplified integration; and the inclusion of optional erasure coding, which makes storing long-tail content and media source files cost-efficient."
Avi Freedman, ServerCentral Advisor

If you'd like to learn more about ServerCentral's object storage and content distribution solutions, contact us or give us a call at +1 (312) 829-1111.

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