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Tom Kiblin

Recent Posts by Tom Kiblin:

ServerCentral Security Update: Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4)

This week, Google Project Zero and Microsoft disclosed the identification of a new CPU flaw for x86 architecture chipsets.

Similar in nature to the previous Spectre vulnerability, this particular vulnerability focuses on “speculative execution-based side-channel analysis methods”.

Topics: Security

ServerCentral Security Update II re: x86 Architecture CPU Issues

The past few days have proven to be quite eventful, as you can imagine.

Topics: Security

ServerCentral Security Update re: x86 Architecture CPU Issues

I’m sure everyone is now aware of the Intel CPU bugs and exploits that have been publicized over the last 36 hours.

Topics: Security

How Much Cloud Do I Really Need?

We see it all the time: A company with 50 servers moves to the cloud by creating 50 instances, one for each physical server. The thinking goes that if I’m using this much physical infrastructure, I’ll need this much cloud infrastructure. Simply convert servers to instances, and just like that, I’ve moved to the cloud.

Topics: Cloud

12 Keys to Successful Private Cloud Migrations

After you answer the “why private cloud?” question, it’s time to look at how you get there.

Topics: High Availability Products and Services