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Joselito Tagarao

Recent Posts by Joselito Tagarao:

Bringing Sanity to Routing Over IPsec

IPsec routing has a reputation for being unwieldy. This isn’t entirely undeserved. Among the two main ways IPsec tunnels are configured, policy-based IPsec configurations are especially bad at this. They completely eschew routing via a standard routing table, making packet flow harder to troubleshoot and adding excessive administrative overhead. Unfortunately, certain vendors don’t allow any other type. Even among vendors that support the other method of route-based tunnels, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Topics: Networking

IPsec Parameter Choice Rationales

On the previous episode of As The IPsec Tunnel Churns, we discussed how IPsec configurations running in tunnel mode are established. This week, let’s get into the nitty gritty of why those parameters were chosen. So, why did we choose those particular parameters?

Topics: Networking

Optimizing IPsec Tunnels

Metro Ethernet and MPLS circuits are often the first things people think of when trying to connect disparate networks across long distances or public networks. Those transport technologies work great, but the venerable IPsec has a number of points in its favor:

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