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Jamie Pechak

Jamie Pechak

Successfully mastered your/you're and their/there/they're.

Recent Posts by Jamie Pechak:

ServerCentral's On-Site Parts Depot

It's a huge pain to go to the data center when hardware fails. Especially when you live far away.

Servers don't break at convenient times, either. Often it's at 2 AM, rush hour, or the moment you sit down to watch a new episode of Rick & Morty.

Topics: Support Data Center

Customer Portal Updates

ServerCentral is happy to announce our redesigned customer portal. Included in the improvements are features that make it easier than ever to manage data center environments. Customers can log in at https://portal.servercentral.com <https://portal.servercentral.com>.   

Topics: Announcements

5 Odd Excuses for Data Center Outages

I Googled "craziest data center outages." The results did not disappoint.

Topics: Disaster Recovery

ServerCentral.com: Then And Now

Let's take a walk down memory lane through ServerCentral.com.

Topics: Inside ServerCentral