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Chris Rechtsteiner

Recent Posts by Chris Rechtsteiner:

Managing Shadow IT Risks by Building IT Resources for the Future

Shadow IT is a double-edged sword: It’s the greatest opportunity for innovation your company has, if the shadow IT risks don’t cut into your business first.

After all, cyber threats will very quickly wipe out any upsides shadow applications can deliver.

Topics: Security Tips

Shadow Technologies Drop Security Risks and Drive Business Value — if You Let Them

Shadow technologies can send a chill down the spine of any IT professional tasked with keeping an organization secure.

Topics: Security Tips

Three Benefits of Shadow IT — And How to Harness Them

What is shadow IT?

It helps to first define shadow IT, sometimes known as dark IT. Most would start with a rundown of the network security risks it presents, but a more helpful shadow IT definition would explain it as something that’s already happening in your organization.

Topics: Security Tips

What's Top of Mind in IT?

In December 2016, we began a research effort by categorizing the conversations we have with customers and prospects. 

Topics: Data Center Infrastructure

From Infrastructure to Workloads. What We're Talking About Today

Three years ago we were asked a relatively simple question 

Topics: Cloud Infrastructure Migration

What We Learned @ DevOpsDays Chicago

DevOps supports the applications, infrastructure and, most importantly, the business ... but who is supporting DevOps?

Topics: DevOps

ServerCentral Named One of ComputerWorld’s 2016 Best Places to Work

A company's culture is difficult to define. For some organizations culture is an internal component of their success. It's an intangible element of collaboration and support. For other organizations, culture is the external presentation of their values to the broader communities.

Topics: Inside ServerCentral Marketing

What is Next for Your Cloud Project

In my previous post, Is ‘Why?’ the Most Important Cloud Question?Is ‘Why?’ the Most Important Cloud Question?, I discussed the importance of knowing Why you’re moving to the cloud as a critical success factor for your cloud project.

One of the questions I received in response to the post was, “Once you can answer the question why you’re moving to the cloud, what’s next?”

Exactly. What is next.

Topics: Cloud

Is “Why?” the Most Important Cloud Question?

The question today isn't IF you are moving to the cloud.

Everyone is already in the process of moving to the cloud, or will be in very short order. There are strategic, operational and human capital reasons for this transition - and there is no slowing it down.

The real question is WHY are you moving to the cloud?

Topics: Virtualization Cloud

The 7 Biggest Data Center Migration Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Topics: Data Center Tips