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Avi Feedman

Recent Posts by Avi Feedman:

High Availability Webinar Followup Questions

There were some great follow-up questions to my webinar on high availability infrastructure, two of which I want to write about today.

Topics: High Availability Events

Big Data Presentation

Today, ServerCentral's CTO, Avi Freedman, gave an amazing presentation at Cloud Expo on "Big Data Tools That Work." The presentation was extremely well received, with only standing room left in the room.

Topics: Big Data

Treat The Cause, Not The Effect

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Despite the business impact, few businesses actually measure how much downtime they rack up in a year.

Topics: High Availability Disaster Recovery Products and Services

High Availability Webinar Registration

I’ve received lots of great feedback about my latest white paper, High Availability in Cloud And Dedicated Infrastructure. Given the shift in high availability from a luxury to a necessity, I thought it might be helpful to host a follow-up webinar that addresses your questions, explores different HA architectures, and highlights use cases that have been successful for companies big and small. 

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5 Strategies for Implementing High Availability

Even the most robustly architected systems fail from time to time. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit your downtime exposure. Here are five automated strategies to help you implement high availability:

Topics: High Availability Tips

Dedicated vs. Cloud Costs

One of the major factors in deciding between cloud and dedicated infrastructure is cost. While hard costs are an obvious contributing factor, soft costs are more subtle and can be difficult to assign a number.

So, how do you justify costs to your CFO?

Topics: Tips Products and Services

Are Big Data Systems The Next Bleeding Edge Technology?

We're getting into more and more discussions with our customers about Big Data: what it is, what it's good for, and the problems it solves.

Topics: Big Data

Dedicated vs. Cloud Hosting White Paper

One of the most difficult IT decisions facing organizations today is the choice between dedicated servers and cloud solutions. 

Topics: Data Center